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The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce signature strategy for increasing entrepreneurial excellence in African American businesses is our new Business Institute.  The Business Institute serves as a model for developing and sustaining profitable African American owned enterprises.  The Institute offers workshops in communications, finance, accounting and tax matters, business modeling strategies, information technology, marketing and law and legal matters.  The Business Institutes mission statement is to tap the expertise of our business, academic, healthcare, tourism and tech partners to provide Chamber members the training, coaching, and leadership development needed to help them compete in the global marketplace.

The Institute is guided by SFAACC values of entrepreneurial excellence, empowerment, self-sufficiency and lifelong learning.  Utilizing the expertise of our business partners, the SFAACC will provide basic principles, strategies in leadership and management, and advanced methods in business practices to contribute to the business success of our members.

With a grand opening of June 1, 2018, The Business Institute is designed to augment the current work of the SFAACC and expand its scope.  Feedback gathered from Chamber members underscored the need for continued business development support.  A majority of our members considered the SFAACC instrumental in helping their businesses generate new revenue streams.  

Additionally, many members considered the Chamber’s Business Mixers important and indicated that they had received business or contracts directly related to those events.

With a focus on skill development, the SFAACC is continually seeking new partners and opportunities that will contribute to the success of Business Institute programs and services.  Our goal is to give African American owned businesses the necessary resources and technical assistance to move them to the next level of engagement.

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