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SFAACC bringing you contracting opportunities available in all fields.

If you are a supplier, construction company or professional service, check here regularly as we update with local, private and government contracts currently available.


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Bid Package No. 1 Demolition/Abatement 

• Bid Package No. 2 Structural/Miscellaneous Steel 

• Bid Package No. 3 Roofing 

• Bid Package No. 4 Glass/Glazing 

• Bid Package No. 5 Fireproofing/Metal Studs/Gypboard/Plaster 

• Bid Package No. 6 Resilient Flooring/Case Underlayment 

• Bid Package No. 7 Plumbing 

• Bid Package No. 8 HVAC 

• Bid Package No. 9 Electrical 

Apply Now! To the Getting Down to Business Program!

A dynamic virtual course where you will learn the resources and tools to make you a more competitive contractor!






Getting Down to Business (GD2B) for Construction


The program will offer a detailed 12 class course to create a solid foundation for your business to pursue contracts while making sound financial decisions. The curriculum will focus on strengthening your skill set in 6 key areas of business operations – Pursuing Contract Opportunities and Marketing Strategies; Take-Off Development and Production Rate Analysis; Bid Preparation and Cost Analysis; Cost Allocations and Overhead; Financial Forecasting and Statements; and Contract Performance Management.


Each week the program tackles a different subject spanning the completion of a statement of qualifications and to understanding and correctly estimating labor costs. The training covers topics related to contracting, including contractual requirements, estimating, project management, financial management, project software, and other business intangibles.


Read more about the program here!


By learning applicable skills through GD2B and utilizing the Center’s other free resources, small, local businesses can better compete for projects and navigate important City contracting requirements, while also becoming familiar with effective strategies they can reproduce on other projects throughout the City and beyond. At the end of the course, you will have a scope letter, templates of other documents you can use for your business, and access to other valuable resources.


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Program dates:

August 10 - November 15, 2021


Program and instruction will take place online through a video conferencing platform with limited in-person meetings.


Apply or nominate someone for the program now, before the deadline: Friday

July 23 @ 5PM.