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SFAACC-APEC-Women's Entrepreneurship Meeting

APEC Connection's: The SFAACC Hosts 
U.S. Department of State's International Leadership Program

The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (SFAACC) proudly hosted a gathering of influential women in business from Belize, Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the Bay Area for the APEC Connections event. This initiative, part of the U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program, focused on addressing societal barriers faced by women and disadvantaged groups, highlighting the power of grassroots organizations in supporting women-owned businesses, and emphasizing the importance of collaboration across sectors.


The event provided a platform for insightful discussions on fostering success within women-owned businesses and establishing effective collaborations between the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and grassroots initiatives. Attendees engaged in meaningful conversations, sharing experiences and strategies to overcome challenges and promote inclusivity.


Alannah Crandall, the SFAACC's liaison from Global Ties San Francisco, shared that the participants of the Women and Entrepreneurship: Startups delegation were inspired by learning about the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. They particularly admired the inspiring efforts to support local African American and female business owners in California, as well as the dedication evident in individual endeavors.

According to Alannah, the delegation provided positive feedback, with comments such as:

  • "This was one of the most rewarding meeting sessions thus far during our IVLP programming."

  • "I greatly appreciated the deep knowledge about the California business climate offered by all speakers present."

  • "The entire list of speakers was so welcoming and passionate about connecting with us."


"We are thrilled to have brought together such a diverse and influential group of women to share their experiences and insights. This event aligns with SFAACC's commitment to fostering connections and empowering women in business," said Dr. Matthew Ajiake, President of SFAACC.


Tallio's Coffee ( a proud member of the SFAACC, treated participants to a delightful array of coffee, teas, and pastries, enhancing the networking experience.


Participants left the event feeling inspired and motivated by the connections made, with a renewed sense of purpose in driving positive change within their respective communities.


We are delighted to provide access to event photos through this link


For more information about the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce and its initiatives, please visit


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