Forty-six years in the making, the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (SFAACC) is in the
midst of a Renaissance. New industries, new means of communication and an ever-widening cultural
evolution lead the way for the transformative growth and development of the Chamber. To guide this
Renaissance, the SFAACC has selected a new leader, Matthew Thomas.

As diversity and inclusion become the norm in the San Francisco business community, the SFAACC
invites both public and private businesses to commit to removing any remaining barriers to contracts,
capital and employment. With skill development as one of our priorities, we’ll continue to provide
financial and management training, and offer mentoring programs to prepare our members to compete

As one of California’s most influential minority business organizations, the SFAACC represents and
promotes African American business owners in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. The
Renaissance of the SFAACC includes its new initiative for 2018, The Business Institute. As the Chamber’s
new signature strategy for increasing entrepreneurial excellence in African American businesses, The
Business Institute is in response to a national study conducted on sustainability and the tools needed to
move a small business to the next level of engagement. The Business Institute debuts June 1, 2018.

African American owned businesses in San Francisco had declined by nearly one quarter and African
American business receipts fell by 60.7 percent in 2016. Although the number of persons employed by
these businesses increased, it was clear the SFAACC needed to emphasize training, coaching and
leadership development to strengthen the business acumen of its members. The Business Institute will
tap into the expertise of the business, academic, healthcare, tech and tourism industries to achieve the
entrepreneurial excellence necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

The Institute will offer workshops in communications, financial, accounting and tax matters. With the
help of business partners like you, we’ll provide business modeling strategies for successfully mastering
topics such as information technology - including social media, law and legal matters, and marketing.

The Business Institute will be guided by SFAACC values of entrepreneurial excellence, empowerment,
self-sufficiency, and lifelong learning. The Institute will focus on educating our members about the
challenges and opportunities of doing business in one of the most dynamic economies in the world. The
three main focal points currently include:

➢ Accounting and Finance. Our financial industry partners will help train our members to
accurately, analyze, understand and succeed in the world of accounting and finance.

➢ Information Technology. With the support of our tech industry affiliates, African American
businesses will be coached on the business use of hardware, software, coding, service and
supporting infrastructure, and to manage the digital delivery of voice, data and video services.

➢ Marketing and Communications. Marketing and PR specialists will provide guidance in the areas
of advertising, branding, online presence, PR activities, sales activities and direct marketing.

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