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As we celebrate  National Women’s History Month, I want to acknowledge that women are thinkers, doers, movers,  shakers, groundbreakers, future makers, trailblazers, and dreamers. I want to congratulate you on how you contribute to our communities on a local, national, and international level; I invite all readers of this announcement to take advantage of the workshops SFAACC is offering to help you expand your businesses to make new contacts with the presenters. 


I congratulate The Black Millionaire Development Program Young Adult Cohort Hosted by SF Black Wallstreet.  We are excited to be collaborating with this organization and its graduates. SFAACC members, I invite you to feature your business in our online announcement publication, participate in workshops to grow our business, and expand your series with our television program. Visit our website at to view past announcements.

For membership questions or workshops, please do not hesitate to contact Visit our Facebook page to stay informed. In closing, it is important to stretch yourself. Learning is one of the most inspiring things one can do for your business.




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