San Francisco is in a COVID-19 surge and our daily cases have nearly quadrupled in the past month. On November 28, San Francisco was assigned to the State’s most restrictive PURPLE tier, causing it to roll back a large number of activities it had re-opened. As of 10 pm on Sunday, December 6th the City rolled back additional activities to align with the State’s Regional Stay at Home Order due to stress on our hospital capacity and a growing concern that we may not be able to care for our residents and loved ones at our hospitals if we do not take immediate action.

Below is an overview of closed and restricted activities within the City. You can find more information on the City’s Re-opening page and view the Health Order and accompanying directives here. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call the Office of Small Business: 415-554-6134 or To read this notice in language, please click here: Chinese; Spanish; Filipino.

At this time, please stay home. Do not travel Do not gather with people you do not live with. Many businesses have been closed or significantly reduced capacity for in-person services. The City encourages you to support local businesses and restaurants from home by ordering on-line for curbside pick-up or delivery. See how to support local businesses from home at

The following activities are closed until further notice:

  • Indoor worship services, except for individual prayer and counseling

  • Indoor movie theaters

  • Indoor gyms and fitness centers

  • Indoor and outdoor personal care services (such as barbers and hair and nail salons)

  • Indoor and outdoor operations at museums, aquariums, or zoos.

  • Outdoor dining (only take out and delivery services are allowed)

  • Outdoor carousels, Ferris wheels, and train rides

  • Outdoor family recreation centers (such as go kart racing and batting cages)

  • Drive-in gatherings

  • Open air bus and boat operators

Additionally, the following activities have new capacity restrictions or other modifications required in order to operate.

  • Low contact retail such as pet groomers and electronics repair must limit itself to curbside pickup.

  • Indoor retail must be reduced to 20% capacity (and close by 10 pm if not essential), except standalone grocers who may open to 35% capacity. NEW to the Health Order: All retail must institute a metering (counting) system to manage and enforce indoor customer capacity and offer special hours to serve seniors and vulnerable individuals.

  • Outdoor gyms and fitness classes must limit themselves to 12 people, including any personnel (and close by 10 pm)

  • Hotels and lodging may remain open for essential workers and isolation and quarantine purposes or for non-essential travelers. Non-essential Out of state travelers may make reservations SO LONG AS the reservation is for the entire time of recommended quarantine and the guest agrees to quarantine for that full amount of time.

  • Home and apartment showings must be virtual unless impossible.

  • Note on adhering to capacity limits: Many businesses are assigned a "maximum occupancy" by the fire department. Reduced capacity must limit itself to the required percentage of that maximum occupancy figure. If an establishment has not been given a maximum occupancy, the default is generally 49 people and businesses need to limit their indoor capacity to the required percentage of that number. Please see the Health Order and Appropriate Directive for information about what to include when calculating capacity.

  • NEW to the Health Order: the Health Officer is now requiring that EVERY business operating indoors in San Francisco post this informational signage regarding ventilation measures that have been implemented at the establishment. If you have questions about ventilation and the guidelines we have released you may want to watch this webinar from last week.

Directions for Schools

Schools that have opened already can stay open. All other schools must stay closed. Grades TK through 6 who want to reopen need a waiver from the Health Officer. Middle and high schools can apply to open outdoor classes. See waiver application process from the Department of Public Health.

Institutes of Higher Education must operate in a fully remote context. For specific exceptions, please consult the Health Order and Institute of Higher Education directive.

While this is a time to celebrate with loved ones, it is not a normal holiday season. Celebrate by doing activities at home with people you live with. Great ideas for a safe holiday season at

We know this is a challenging time for our residents and businesses. Our actions now will shape how San Francisco emerges from this pandemic. Be a leader to your family and community and make the right choice. Do your part to protect the health and lives of your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community.

San Francisco has twice crushed the coronavirus curve. We need to crush it again. Together we can move safely through this crucial period and safely return to the activities, the way of life, the kind of San Francisco, we love and miss.


San Francisco Health Order Updates
to Business Activities

From the San Francisco COVID Command Center

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